MS-FUSION A.I.R. -  Artist & Scientist in Residency - Initiated by Rainer Prohaska 



An "Artist & Scientist In Residency" program,
based on a customized ship, floating downstream the river Danube

• Call for Participation - Journeys 2022
        Call will be open 20th January 2021

• Call for Participation - Journeys 2021 
        Call Closed

• Trip schedules for 2021
        TRIP #01: 20.04. 2021 - Melk -> 20.06. 2021 - North Serbia
• Austria / Slovakia / Hungary / Croatia / Serbia  

        Trip already booked

        TRIP #02: 20.08.2021 - North Serbia -> via Sulina -> 20.10. 2021 - Tulcea
Serbia / Romania / Bulgaria / Moldvia / Ukraina

       There are still 2 places available

• Important information about traveling on the Danube for participants

Photo | Z-BOATS | 2007 | Dürnstein, Austria to Ruse, Bulgaria
Photo | Z-BOATS | 2007 | Dürnstein, Austria to Ruse, Bulgaria

Optimized for inland navigation, the MS-FUSION offers a platform to artists and scientists for trips on the Danube to carry out research in this cultural area and to implement projects in the context of artistic research. It works as a floating studio, as a tool for research, field studies and to realize art projects on the Danube.
Furthermore, the MS-FUSION functions as a floating medium, because the extraordinary aesthetics attract attention and thereby establish its own form of communication. This creates serendipity and opens an alternative access to hidden Danube cultures. On board there will be creative people from the visual arts, performance, media arts, authors and scientists. In this way the river becomes a connecting stream and not a dividing boundary.

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