MS-FUSION A.I.R. -  Artist & Scientist in Residence - Initiated by Rainer Prohaska 


The standard utilization of MS-FUSION:

• A captain
• Four passengers (artists and scientists)
• A reserve space (usually not occupied)

1) About your personal requirements as a potential passenger

- Affinity to water and ships is necessary

We only recommend a participation to people who are loving water and ships (boat trips).

- All passengers must be good swimmers Although there are life jackets and rescue equipment on board, all passengers must be good swimmers.

- Visa regulations
We will cross different EU- and non-EU-countries. Check your personal visa requirements – especially if you‘re a non-EU-citizen. For detailed information please contact the "MS-FUSION" team via e-mail.

- Valid passport
All passengers must have a passport which is valid a minimum of 6 months at the end of the trip.

- English language
All passengers must be able to speak English.

- Diets and allergies
There will be basic supplies for eating and drinking. We will cook together. That means also that we will decide together what we cook. Nonetheless it can be good to give us info about your special diets (regarding allergies, must‘s/must-not‘s etc.). Sometimes we will eat locally (i.e. in restaurants) where it can be more complicated to meet your needs.

- Personal health needs
If you need special medication, do not forget to take care of that before the trip starts. If you have special needs for medical issues (e.g. regarding the storage, etc...), please clarify this with us beforehand.

- Health and accident insurance
Additional to your regular health and accident insurance we recommend a secondary one. But at least a basic one is a must.

- Accessibility
Unfortunately the ship will not be barrier-free. There will be even ladders you will have to climb.

2) Important basic rules

- Contractual agreement
Beforehand you will have to sign a contract regarding the legal authority of the captain, the safety precautions etc.

- Bringing other people
You can only apply for yourself. Unfortunately there is not enough space for other people beside the residents. It is not allowed to bring partners, family members, children or friends.

- Pets
Unfortunately there is no space for pets on board. There will be enough animals around ;)

- Money
Some things (basic food etc.) is included in the residency. For other or special things bring cash or a working debit card. Get information if your card works in the different countries and how much the additional costs will be. Credit cards maybe are not enough.

- Articles of value
We assume no liability for articles of value, personal items, electronic devices etc.

- Baggage limitation
Due to the size of the ship there will be baggage limitation for every passenger.

- Electronic tools limitations
Due to limited electricity amount on board, each passenger is limited to 2 electronic devices which need charging. If you need more than 2 devices please contact us.

3) About the "climate" on board

- General
During the trip, passengers can face hot, cold, wet and dirty conditions.

- Weather
The weather during the trip can of course vary. This means not only the exposure to different temperatures. There also can be a lot of sun or rain. It means also that the trip can be affected. A storm i.e. will stop the trip temporarily (no matter if it‘s only for an hour or several days).

- Seasickness
On rivers other conditions prevail than on sea. That means that seasickness is not that common. Nonetheless we are on water and the ground will not be as stable as on land.

- River and shore animals
We will encounter different animals on board and around. There can or will be insects (mainly mosquitoes and spiders), fish, frogs, birds, snakes, etc. That‘s because we will travel in the nature. Especially people suffering from arachnophobia should be aware that spiders will be constant companions.

4) About "everyday life" on board

- Toilet & shower
As we will be on a ship the toilet and shower will be different to the standards you know.

- Sanitary products
Some of the necessary sanitary products will be provided by us (i.e. soap, shower gel etc.). That‘s because we want to use products which are safe for use in the nature.

- Privacy & personal space
We will live, work, sleep in a relatively small area together. Everybody will have a small private space to sleep and to store things. But the privacy will be rather limited.

- Internet & Telephone
We work on an internet connection on board. Nonetheless the data volume will be limited to necessary service. So you should take care of internet and telephone on your own if necessary. And don‘t forget to check the roaming restrictions (in EU and non-EU countries).

- Food
(will be updated soon)

- Drugs & alcohol
We cannot allow illegal drugs on board. Due to safety there are special rules for alcohol and cigarettes.

- Refrigerating beverages
The refrigeration of beverages on board will not be possible. There will be not enough space in our small refrigerator.

- Charging
The ship is equipped with a 12V DC power supply system. That means it is possible to charge devices which normally also can be charged via a car battery. Devices which need 220 V AC can only be charged in ports, marinas or restaurants. Due to limited electricity amount on board, passengers are limited to 2 electronic devices which need charging. If you need more than 2 devices please contact us.

5) About the style how we will travel

- Time management
The management of time when traveling with a ship may be different than you‘re used to. So timetables can change somehow and everything will happen rather slow than fast.

- Teamwork & communication
We will live as a team on the ship. We will have to cook, to handle the ship, to decide schedules etc. Except of course the special status of the captain.

- Authority of the captain
Due to law and responsibility the captain has total authority on board. Of course we will try to decide a lot of things together. But in the end there can be situations where the captain decides in the end. (S*he even could refuse the ride on the ship without any explanation. But of course we doesn‘t want that to happen.)

6) Safety issues

- Emergency number
Each passenger must provide an emergency telephone number and e-mail adress beforehand.

(This list will be updated...)

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